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    1. Elliptical Head We have now independently developed 6600t, 3000t, and 680t fully automatic double-acting hydraulic presses, 10m, 4m, and 3m cold metal spinning machines, 4.5m hot metal spinning machines, and other supporting equipment and molds.
    1. Torispherical Head THA: torispherical head based on inner diameter;
      THB: torispherical head based on outer diameter
    1. Dished Only Head Spherically dished head is based neither on its inner diameter nor its outer diameter, so it is abbreviated as SDH.
    1. Flanged Head Flanged head (WD) is mainly used in industries like pharmaceutical machinery and food machinery.
    1. Joggled Head Joggled head (DHD) is rare and generally used for specially-designed pressure containers.
    1. Conical Head The opening angle of our conical head is classified into 30°, 45°, and 60°, generally abbreviated as CHA(30), CHA(45), and CHA(60). To distinguish from other heads, we add a ‘D’ behind conical head as a mark, like CHD.
    1. Flanged Only Head Flanged only head is mainly applied in containers with low pressure and small volume.
    1. Hemispherical Head Shape parameter:R≥0.5Di
      Allowable processing range: Di-ф400-ф3600
    1. Shallow Torispherical Head MD (XD) refers to shallow torispherical head. Heads meet the conditions of 'Ri>=Di; r<=0.1Di' are MD heads, others are XD heads.
    1. Semi Elliptical Head AH head is similar to positive semi elliptical head. It complies with: Ri=0.9045Di, r=0.1727Di, hi=1/4 Di.
    1. Dished Head As is shown in the diagram, dished head is shaped like a hat.
    1. Stainless Steel Tank Head Weide takes a total area of 30 thousand m2. Our head forming equipment is the most advanced one in the world.
    1. Carbon Steel Tank Head We have comprehensive head production line, allowing Weide to produce pressure vessel heads of all shapes, specifications, and materials.
    1. Clad Plate Tank Head In recent years, the applications of clad tank head is becoming wider and wider. The main difficulty of processing clad plate tank head lies in the material.
    1. Special Material Tank Heads (Cu/Al/Zr/Ni) Founded in 2008, Weide is experienced in processing vessel heads from Copper, Aluminum, Zirconium, Titanium, Nickel, composite plates, and other special materials. We are committed to providing clients the most comprehensive and reliable head customization service.
    1. Heads for Cryogenic Vessel In table 2.6 we list the tensile test result of different stainless steel heads in low-temperature state. We take chromium stainless steel head as an example because its' toughness decreases dramatically when placed in low-temperature condition.
    1. Heads for Nuclear Power Industry In recent years, nuclear power industry has witnessed a rapid development. The technical requirements for manufacturing heads for reactor pressure vessel is rather high and few companies in China are competent in this, so Weide has undertook a considerable part.
    1. Heads for Pharmaceutical Machinery In our production lines of this kind of head, we adopt vacuum suction design to protect the head surface, and cover the heads with film to avoid scratches during delivery.
    1. Heads for Food Machinery For food machinery, it is generally required that the vessel heads should be thin and of smooth surface. So, Weide has adopted vacuum suction design to protect the head surface in the production line. Besides, the heads are covered with film during shipping.