About Us

Weide is a pressure vessel head supplier incepted in 2008. Located in Jiangsu Changzhou, a city in the heart of Yangtze River Delta, we enjoy significant logistic advantages. Weide is expert in making heads for pressure vessels, like elliptical head, conical head, hemispherical head, and heads of different materials for diversified applications. Here, you are welcome to customize any kinds of heads you want for pressure equipment. Read More

Manufacturing Equipment
  • 6600T Fully Automatic Hydraulic Press More
  • 3000T Fully Automatic Hydraulic Press More
  • 2000T Hydraulic Press More
  • 10M Cold Spinning Machine More
  • 800T Dishing Press More
  • 3M Cold Spinning Machine More
  • Buffing Machines More
  • Shearing Machine More